We believe:

In One God, who has revealed Himself in Scripture through the Old and New Testaments as three Persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit

God is Creator and Sustainer of all seen and unseen. God is eternal, unchanging, all-knowing, and good.  God is continually at work guiding His creation. 

In God the Father - who loves each of us with unconditional and eternal love.

In Jesus - the Son of God, Word became flesh. Jesus is our Savior - He came to earth fully God and fully man -  He suffered, died, was buried, and rose victorious over sin and death. Through Jesus and His perfect obedience to God, we are offered forgiveness and redemption.  

In the Holy Spirit - sent by the Father and Son to convict and renew. Counselor, teacher, comforter, helper, advocate - uniting us for the glory of God.

That following Jesus Christ brings new life and we are empowered to live as we were created to as sons and daughters of God, accomplishing all for His glory.

In the promises of God giving us a hope and future, both now and life everlasting – Where someday every tribe, tongue, and nation will join together to worship God and enjoy Him forever!