Your generosity in the Spring Hope campaign has blessed Deaf Jamaicans these past two years. Spring Hope 2022 focuses on two surprisingly important elements of a Deaf Jamaican's school journey: pre- and post-education. The REACH campaign assists families in the discovery of a child's Deafness and the beginning of his or her education with CCCD. CADE offers continued adult education leading to job certification with Jamaica's HEART program. Can you help reach new students and meet the demands of growth at the CADE program this spring?



CCCD is reaching out in new ways through public campaigns involving:

  • Jamaica’s premier morning show, “Smile Jamaica”
  • A Billboard in a prominent area
  • Free hearing screenings at public events
  • Public service announcements
  • Full hearing tests for the students we find
  • Startup sponsorship funds to get students started on their school journey while we match them with new sponsors.

Deaf children should be in school where they can learn to sign, get a quality education in their own language, and eventually earn a good living. With CCCD, students find involvement in a community rich with Jamaican Sign Language, and most importantly, they receive access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Currently the CADE program, located on our Montego Bay campus, is in desperate need of some items to meet the demands of a growing program. This is tangible way for you to provide items needed to equip students as the work towards receiving government certifications for various jobs.

Items Needed:

Data Operations

  • 10 Computers with software
  • 1 Video camera

Commercial Food Preparations

  • 1 Industrial mixer
  • 1 Refrigerator
  • 3 Spinning cake stands
  • 10 Chef knives
  • 1 Pasta maker
  • 1 Food processor


  • 1 Washing machine
  • 1 Dryer
  • 2 housekeeping trolleys
  • 12 housekeeping caddies
  • 2 bedside tables
  • 1 chest of drawers
  • 1 flat press iron

Your support means the world to us and truly does make such a practical difference in the lives of so many!

God bless you!

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God Bless you!!

CCCD is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part. CCCD is ECFA certified.

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