Denardo Smith - Fully Sponsored

December 11th


Denardo lives in St Mary, Jamaica with his grandparents.  He also spends time with this mother and enjoys being outdoors with his family.

He is very calm and serious.  However, he also likes to tease people.  He is very curious about new things and is always asking questions if there is something he does not know. He enjoys learning and often wants to be challenged in his school work.


Denardo enjoys playing basketball. He also likes video games and movies.  In school, he loves mathematics and English. In the future he wants to either do construction or work on the farm. He enjoys hands-on work.


Denardo is very bright. He keeps his teachers on their toes with his questions and ability to catch on quickly.  He is skilled in mathematics and is often helping his peers when they do not understand.


Denardo attends CCCD's Kingston Campus. He receives an education, learns sign language, and receives the Word of God.