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Jamaica Staff


Leah Gregg

Leah Gregg worked in the Deaf Education field in the states for 12 years.  She is now serving as a teacher/missionary at the CCCD Kingston campus as a high school mathematics teacher.  She is also involved with the weekend church program for the students on campus as well as other extracurricular activities for the students. She has joined and is serving with an on campus Deaf ministry with some of the Deaf adults in Kingston. 

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Eve a Douglas

Eve a Douglas serves at the CCCD Knockpatrick Campus. She serves in a number of ways from working alongside the women's and children's ministries at the New Life Church of the Deaf, to leading L.I.F.E. Teams. She also hosts short-term missionaries and interprets for CCCD and the greater Deaf community.

We are so grateful for her and all she does for the our ministry and the Deaf of Jamaica!

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The Briggs Family

Chris and Ren Briggs live in the Jamaica Deaf Village. With a mix of leading church and collegiate mission trips, engaging the Deaf community in the village, and managing and developing the textile business for CCCD, their ministry is diverse, but it’s all centered around engaging, equipping, and empowering the Deaf community to be all that God created them to be.

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The Burkett Family

Sheldon and Rachel Burkett have been working full-time with CCCD since 2012 and have been pastoring the New Life Church of the Deaf since 2016.

Sheldon was born and raised in Jamaica and attended the CCCD Knockpatrick school. He received formal ministry training the US along with his wife, Rachel, who is from Granada. They have two young boys, Matthew and Raydon.

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US Staff


The Beukema Family

Ben and Krista Beukema first came to Jamaica to serve with CCCD in the early 2000s when they were L.I.F.E. Team members with their church. Those trips paved the way to full-time service and they moved to Jamaica in January of 2012.


At the end of 2017 they moved their family back to the US where they now both serve at the US Office. Ben as the President and Krista as special projects.


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The Bloemendaal Family

Pat and Kara began their ministry with CCCD in 2018 when they were asked to lead a L.I.F.E. team trip. By January 2020, they were moved in to the Jamaica Deaf Village. Their family has also grown during their time in Jamaica, and they now have two beautiful children: Silas and Gianna.

In 2022, they moved their family back to the US where they now both serve at the US office - Pat working with L.I.F.E. teams and short term missionaries, and Kara working as the Office Administrator. 

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Marc and Laura White

Marc and Laura began their ministry with CCCD in 2002. God used a short-term mission trip to call them and their three young children to Jamaica. In 2004, they landed in Jamaica. During their time in Jamaica, Marc worked in a number of roles. In 2007 they were asked to move back to the states to lead the US Office of CCCD.

Marc and Laura have been faithfully working for CCCD ever since 2003!

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