Dear Friend of CCCD,
A year ago we wrote and asked for your help as a major source of our normal income disappeared almost over night. You responded in a big way. God is faithful, and by His grace and your help, the ministry has not only been sustained, but it is growing. We are excited for Spring Hope 2021, and we are asking you to pray about participating. Your generosity has allowed our ministry to continue, and for that we can’t say thank you enough. HOPE is ALIVE at CCCD.

We have seen the CCCD community support one another through a pandemic. At CCCD, people are there for each other in hard times. It is a place where a common language is spoken and a common faith is shared: a faith in Christ which carries transformative power.
Transformation has been a real thing in this past year, and we are grateful for your support as our teachers and workers have persevered. Old systems had to give way to new systems, and new students brought both blessings and challenges with distance education. New opportunities to reach lives were still given in this incredibly important time. Our hope is that in the end, it all equals the newness of life in Christ.
With your help, CCCD is still carrying the greatest hope of all: the good news of Jesus Christ, His salvation, and His presence in everyday life. Your participation—a hidden piece in each stage of this growth—is integral to the inner-workings of our organization. We are grateful that you are willing to be a part of this ministry. We cannot do it without you.
Teams still haven’t picked up, and the pressures of this covid season continue to push against us. We are grateful for the patience and perseverance you have shown us through this time. Your love for this ministry is evident. God is still at work in the hearts and lives of our existing students, residents, and workers, and he is sending new members to the CCCD community. We need your help to keep this ministry going strong and this message of hope going forth. Would you pray about giving in the Spring Hope 2021 campaign?
Please know when you pray and when you give, you are truly making a difference!
God Bless,
Benjamin Beukema
President - CCCD USA
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God Bless you!!