We don’t want a single Deaf child to be left without schooling. Unfortunately, there are many Deaf children in Jamaica who are not receiving an education. These children are growing up without language, and we want that to change. How?


CCCD is reaching out in new ways through public campaigns involving:

  • Jamaica’s premier morning show, “Smile Jamaica”
  • A Billboard in a prominent area
  • Free hearing screenings at public events
  • Public service announcements
  • Full hearing tests for the students we find

Deaf children should be in school where they can learn to sign, get a quality education in their own language, and eventually earn a good living. With CCCD, students find involvement in a community rich with Jamaican Sign Language, and most importantly, they receive access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our outreach initiatives, costs, and progress are listed below:

With your help, we aim to educate the public about Deafness, the importance of sign language, and the abilities of Deaf individuals. Your gift of any amount will help fund this project and reach these children!

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