Back to School 2021

It is hard to believe summer is winding down and a new school year is rapidly approaching. This has been another unique year, but your generosity and heart for the Deaf of Jamaica have blown us away. By God’s grace, you have brought us through a tough season – a season we are still trying to navigate. Thank you for lifting up CCCD staff and students in prayer, and for supporting a ministry to those in need. We all need a helping hand from time to time. That is the body of Christ at work!

As administrators, teachers, and staff reopen they are busy stocking empty food shelves, purchasing classroom supplies for teachers and school supplies for students, hiring seasonal auxiliary staff, and more. This summer we have also been making a large push to find new students across the island. This search, while challenging at times, has already seen success and we are excited to welcome these new faces in the fall!

As we look ahead, we are asking if you would consider giving a one-time gift of $25 to CCCD’s back-to-school drive. It is our goal that, as we bring new and old students together once again, we will begin the year strong because of your generosity in the back-to-school campaign. Would you consider making a gift to this year’s campaign?

We are grateful for your partnership. Please know that we are lifting you in prayer, and don’t hesitate to send prayer requests to us. We are dedicated to praying for each of your needs. Thank you for helping us reach the Deaf of Jamaica for Christ!

Ben Beukema - President CCCD USA

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Thank you for helping us start the school year right and for making a difference in the lives of the Deaf in Jamaica. God Bless you!