Knockpatrick Campus

The Knockpatrick campus provides early childhood and secondary education, along with a nationally recognized vocational program for older students. Located in the hills of Manchester near the center of the island, they provide a holistic education for students aged 3-22.

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Lacking Nothing

We believe that the Deaf of Jamaica can accomplish anything. Society, however, doesn't always agree and Deaf youth often face a negative stigma in their environment that creates a L.A.C.K. in their life by excluding them and preventing access to Language, Affirmation, Community, and Knowledge. These four challenge areas impede positive identity development. At CCCD, we change this stigma one child at a time and encourage our students and fill what lacks in their life.


Meet Miss King

Miss Opalyn King was a teacher at the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf for over 20 years before becoming the Principal. She has held a number of positions at CCCD, from a multiple subject teacher to vocational instructor/coordinator, to senior teacher and Principal.

What drives her daily is knowing that all the students depend on her, with God's help, to ensure that they receive a good education. Her goal is to prepare them to contribute to society in a positive way and live independent, productive lives which will glorify God.

Her favorite part of the job is seeing her Deaf students excel, and she loves knowing that so many will know the Lord and have a relationship with Him.


Vocational Training

For many of our students, graduating from CCCD isn't enough to ensure realistic job prospects. Additional training and certification greatly increases the opportunities that lay before our students. Knockpatrick has available to each student training in food preparation, house keeping, data operations, and computer technology. Many graduates are gainfully employed at a number of local businesses and resorts as a result.

About Our Campus

Miss Trudy Ann Powell  - Campus Manager

Miss Opalyn King - Principal

Mrs. Jacqueline Wheatly - Senior Teacher

Mrs. Claudia Morgan-Senior - Senior Accountant

Mrs. Felicia Campbell - Counselor

Miss Claudett Solomon - Administrative Assistant

Miss Eve a Douglas - Missionary

Contact Info:
Phone - 1(876)904-9092
Fax - 1(876)904-9763
Email -

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