Kingston Campus

The Kingston Campus is reaching Deaf children in the capital city of Jamaica. Our two-acre campus is located in the heart of the city of Kingston, where half of the Deaf population on the island live. In addition to primary and secondary education, the Kingston campus offers vocational training in cosmetology, barbering, and barista training.

We currently have 55 students enrolled at the Kingston Campus.

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Lacking Nothing

We believe that the Deaf of Jamaica can accomplish anything. Society, however, doesn't always agree and Deaf youth often face a negative stigma in their environment that creates a L.A.C.K. in their life by excluding them and preventing access to Language, Affirmation, Community, and Knowledge. These four challenge areas impede positive identity development. At CCCD, we change this stigma one child at a time and encourage our students and fill what lacks in their life.


Deaf Can! Coffee

We are a social enterprise.

Deaf Can! Coffee exists to affirm young people in their identity as a Deaf person and as someone made in the image of God. Success is defined as young men and women accepting themselves, believing in their inherent gifts and talents, taking responsibility for their future and becoming a leader in their families, communities, and careers. We are an outreach of HarvestCall Jamaica, a not-for-profit organization founded to obey God and love others.

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Meet Stephen McFarlane

Stephen is a former teacher and current Campus Manager at CCCD's Kingston campus. What started out as a substitute teaching position turned into eight years of serving in multiple capacities.

What gets Stephen up everyday? Coffee. Deaf Can! Coffee to be exact. Honestly, though, it's the chance to enrich the lives of the Kingston staff and students. That's what drives him and gets him from day to day.

Stephen's favorite part of his job is seeing Deaf students succeed, and he wants every student to know that they are capable of every success if they work hard and believe in themselves.

We are so lucky to have Stephen and so many other wonderful leaders working for us across all four campuses.

Important Infomation

Mr. Stephen McFarlane - Campus Manager - 1(876)757-2638

Mrs. Natalie Jacques - Principal - 1(876)758-3027

Mrs. Dorothy Williams - Senior Teacher

Contact Info: Phone 1(876)923-6103, 1(876)758-8155, Fax 1(876)923-1926,

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