"The greenhouse is evidence that we are called to be the answer to each other's prayer." -Trudy Powell, Knockpatrick Campus Manager

In 2004, Hurricane Ivan destroyed the greenhouse at Knockpatrick. Restoration finally began in 2019 when CCCD staff and supporters came together to pray, prepare, and partner toward a common goal. Now the once-barren greenhouse at Knockpatrick is producing fruit again. Read on to learn more.

Some setbacks seem impossible to overcome.

Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004, causing extensive damage to the greenhouse on Knockpatrick campus. The campus sustained so much damage repair efforts had to be concentrated on the more essential structures.

In 2019, God moved. "Our prayers were answered when Campus Church of Christ and another LIFE team donated funds toward a greenhouse project," says Ms. Powell.
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Trudy, her staff, and a few past students got together and made a plan. The Greenhouse Project Team was born. The funds raised would not rebuild the old structure, so Trudy and her team set about careful planning so that donations were utilized in the best possible manner. With this done, it was time to build. Deaf workers from the island came together under the leadership of contractor Richard Stephenson. In early 2020, construction of the new greenhouse began. Mr. Stephenson worked alongside totally inexperienced students who joined Knockpatrick staff, leading them as they built the Greenhouse. First Presbyterian Carrollton sent a LIFE team during the building, and they were able to help with construction as part of their LIFE team activities.

In seven weeks time, the ground was made ready and a new greenhouse structure was erected on the Knockpatrick campus. 

Blessing upon blessing...

But the blessings didn’t stop there. The team from Campus Church of Christ had hoped to come over and donate the labor to get the greenhouse completed. Due to Covid, they were unable to travel over so they took it upon themselves to raise added funds to help supplement CCCD's labor costs for the building of the greenhouse. 

We often hear of Christmas in July. 

At Knockpatrick campus, we had Thanksgiving in July when our first crop came in. Peppers were harvested this month at Knockpatrick’s new greenhouse (see photos).

This greenhouse will continue to bring blessing in the years to come. It will provide farm produce for the CCCD campuses, it will generate income for the campus as produce is sold, and it will provide opportunities for agricultural training for the students. Yes, this training will aid students in growing produce at home, but it goes beyond that: students can also learn about business planning and marketing strategies through agriculture, and they can seek government certification through Jamaica’s HEART trust program. This provides the campus with an opportunity to certify and employ past students, as well. 

In God’s hands, desperate needs give way to miraculous provision, hopes become tangible reality, and sorrows become joy.

CCCD is grateful for the hard work of Trudy Powell, Richard Stephenson, Kathryn and Freeman Moore of Campus Church of Christ, FP Carrollton, and all the staff and students who worked so hard to make this greenhouse a possibility. CCCD is keenly aware of the goodness of God. He answers prayers. 

On behalf of all members of staff, students, and those who will benefit in years to come," says Ms. Powell, "thank you for making this dream a reality. 'The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose. And both will be rewarded for their own hard work.' " (1 Corinthians 3:8)

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